Our Conference Committee

Interested in being involved in next year’s conference committee? Email us at president@apla.ca. We would love to have you!

We have been truly fortunate to have a strong team of volunteers who have all helped to plan, organize, and carry out this year’s conference. We are grateful that our committee includes:

  • Cate Carlyle
  • Chantale Saulnier
  • Colin MacKay (Chair)
  • David Ross
  • Emily MacIsaac
  • Evelyn Trainer
  • Grace Bourret
  • Krystal Dionne
  • Margaret Vail
  • Phil Taber

We also received important additional advice and support from non-committee members, including:

  • Marc Harper
  • Nathalie Richard
  • Vincent Grovestine
  • And many, many more!